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Below are our employees' family members who are currently
serving overseas in the United States Armed Services:
Employee's Worksite
Employee to Whom Service Person Is Related
Member's Rank and Name
Branch of Service
Accounts Payable Beth Cook son Staff Sgt. Andy Cook U.S. Airforce
Accounts Payable Beth Cook Son Sgt. Brian Cook U.S. Marines
Belleview High Gerry Prevete daughter FC2 Cheryl-Lynne Prevete U.S. Navy (USS IWO JIMA)
Belleview High Linda Del Prado daughter PV2 Amy Del Prado U. S. Army
Belleview-Santos Elementary Peggy Ledlow step-son Sgts. Aaron Ledlow U. S. Army
College Park Heidi Maier husband SSG Donald Maier U.S. Army
College Park Elementary Wade Harrell brother Specialist James Cephus Harrell Army National Guard (161st Medical Battalion)
College Park Elementary Brittany Johnson twin Brother PFC/E3 Brian Johnson U.S. Airforce
Community Technical School Cherly Jones nephew Sgt. Michael Riegel U. S. Army
Curriculum Nancy Leonard son-in-law Lt. Col. Neal Fontana U.S.Air Force
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U.S. Marine Corps
Baker Company in Iraq

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