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Certification Information

Contacts for Certification

Dianna Thompson, Certification Specialist
Phone: (352)671-7781

Lawanda Kiner, Assistant Certification Specialist
Phone: (352)671-7570

Mary Burke, Clerk Specialist
Phone: (352)671-7517

Golden Apples 2012
Golden Apple Teachers for 2012

Starting with 3-yr Non-Renewable Temporary Certificate or 5-yr Renewable Professional Certificate

Instructional applicants must qualify for certification before an employment application can be activated. Certification applicants who are graduates from non-education degree programs may qualify for a 3-Year Non-Renewable Initial Temporary certificate thru one of the following three routes:

1) Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage via a course-review of credits earned at a college or university whose accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education. "Subject Requirements" may be viewed at DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification web site.

2) Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage in a Bachelor’s area by passing the subject area exam.

3) Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage thru successful completion of an approved route of alternative certification. "Alternative & Traditional Certification" pathways may be viewed at DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification web site. The certification application process begins at and the cost is $75.00 for each subject requested. Also needed are official transcripts and copies of any valid out-of-state certificates.

An initial 5-year renewable Professional Certificate may be requested for applicants who 1) graduate from a State-Approved Teacher Education Degree Program and have passed all Florida exams, 2) completed an Educator Preparation Institute and have passed all Florida exams, 3) have a valid reciprocal out-of-state standard certificate, or 4) completed all professional education requirements by way of a Temporary-to-Professional certificate.

Once initial certification in a subject area has been determined, click here for a complete listing of requirements for a 5-Year Renewable Initial Professional certificate.

Alternative Certification Routes

The ACP is an alternative method (other than the traditional course work route) for completion of professional education requirements for non-education majors. MCPS does not currently offer an ACP, however many colleges offer approved EPI programs which honor the professional education college courses and the professional education competency requirement. Successful completion of an EPI will meet Professional certification eligibility requirements. Approved EPI programs include Pasco-Hernando Community College (online), Lake-Sumter State College (hybrid program), Polk State College (hybrid), Santa Fe State College, University of West Florida "Teacher Ready" (online), and Indian River State College (hybrid). Also, an approved testing route is available with the American Board Certification Passport to Teaching. For information, go to or phone 1-877-669-2228.

All new teachers who are not teacher-trained will complete an online New Teacher Survival Training session prior to entering the classroom. The New Teacher Training session is intended to provide the new teacher with essential information and tools to ensure a successful start to their classroom teaching experience. Some of the areas covered during this training include: Educator Accomplished Practices, Ethics & Legal Requirements, Classroom and Behavior Management, Curriculum Requirements, Learning Styles, Multicultural, ESOL, Teaching Strategies, and Writing & Delivering Lesson Plans.

Exam Information

Certification exams are available through computer-based testing. For further information or registration please click on the following link, Complete preparation guides can be downloaded at this web site.

TEST-OUT OPTION: Passing any bachelor-level subject area exam will qualify as demonstration of subject specialization under State Rule. Once passed, you must add the area to your certificate for a processing fee of $75 per subject. The testing option for addition is not available for master-level subjects. MCPS employees can print a CG10 District Application at the ESD Certification Information webpage, and then submitted for processing if you hold Professional certification.

All Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) are administered via computer-based administrations. Internet registration is required for all exams at The Pearson Testing Center in Gainesville is the closest testing site to Marion County residents. However, if you wish to schedule a review appointment following an unsuccessful attempt, this particular site is not equipped to offer that option.

Exam costs are $130 for General Knowledge, $150 for Professional Education, $200 for subject area exams, and an additional $20 retake charge. The FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Examination) is $215 and $225 for a retake. Official results will not be mailed to you, but instead it is your responsibility to print a copy when you receive the email notification. The notification will be sent to you within 3-weeks after testing, unless you took an exam with an essay portion which could take up to 6-weeks. However “unofficial” instant results are available the same day, except during times of exam modifications and revisions, and in the case of exams with essay portions.

When completing your registration, you must fill in the MCPS District #42 code to request that a copy of your test results be sent to the District. All passing test results are forwarded automatically to the state, but it is your responsibility to follow-up with the Employment Services office to confirm receipt of official test results. If you want to add a new subject area to your certificate, a CG10 District Application with fee is required.

PREPARATION INFORMATION: Complete preparation guides may be downloaded free of charge from the testing website. The College of Central Florida offers prep courses in chosen areas. Contact 854-2322, ext. 1405 for registration information. Test competencies information is available online from a link on the BEC website or directly at The State also offers an online review module to help prepare for the Elementary Education K-6 exam at

No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)


Dianna Thompson, Certification Specialist, 671-7781 (direct extension: 5-7781)


  • Effective July 1, 2002, all "new" teachers (no teaching experience) in Title I funded schools hired after August 8, 2002 (first student day of 2002-03) must be highly-qualified (HQ). Effective July 1, 2006, all "new" teachers countywide must be highly qualified. Alternatives: Participants in an Alternative Certification Program are considered HQ. ACP is available only for non-teacher trained new-hires. New hire ESE teachers in a middle/secondary school have 2 years to qualify for HOUSSE plan if they are HQ in English, Math or Science at the time of hire. 
  • Effective July 1, 2006, all "not new" teachers (experienced teachers) countywide must be highly qualified. Alternative 1: A HOUSSE Plan (High Objective, Uniform, State Standard of Evaluation) may be transferred from district to district or from state to state for each core academic subject taught. Teachers of ESOL or Reading are not eligible for this alternative. Alternative 2: Elementary teachers who receive Professional certification reciprocity from another state may transfer their subject area exam to the grade level assigned.


  • All classroom teachers except for the exempt areas of computer science, computer-based instruction, dance, gifted endorsement, health, humanities, PE, pre-kindergarten, psychology, sociology, and vocational areas. ESE, and alternative education programs must also meet the "highly qualified" NCLB requirements.


  • Elementary schools - teachers must have a valid temporary or professional certificate in the subject area and must have passed the Florida subject area exam prior to employment. This applies to music and art also. See alternative 2 above for "not new" experienced teachers.
  •  Middle and High schools - teachers must have a valid temporary or professional certificate in the academic subject area. Teachers with broad certification in MG Social Science, Social Science 6-12, or MG Intergrated Curriculum must have passed the subject area exam to be HQ in social sciences because of the specification in the NCLB law for history, economics, geography, and/or civics/government (political science).
  •  Satisfactory annual evaluations are required to retain the "highly qualified" status.


EXAM PREPARATION: CCF University Center has developed certification subject area exam prep courses for the purpose of assisting teachers and applicants who need to pass a subject area exam to become highly qualified. This course is condensed into 6-8 clock hours. The courses are offered in many areas such as: Elementary Education K-6, English 6-12, English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Exceptional Student Education (ESE), Middle Grades (MG) Integrated Curriculum, MG Math, MG General Science, and Social Science 6-12. For reservations or course offerings information, contact the CCF Institute at 854-2322, ext. 1405.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Contingent upon budget approval each year, Title I & II dollars are available to assist current out-of-field personnel who are taking a subject area exam(s) to become highly qualified. Upon request, reimbursement is available for one test fee administration of $200 for the purpose of meeting HQT for your current assignment during the instructional contract period. The exam result must produce a passing score to qualify for the reimbursement. The reimbursement will not be processed until the subject has been added to your certificate. Exam dates and receipt of the new certificate which reflects the addition must be completed in the same year which reimbursement is requested. Due to the nature of these earmarked grant funds, the deadline for submission and all supporting documentation is June 1st of each school year. The Reimbursement Request forms are available in Employment Services and must be submitted for verification before it will be forwarded for processing of payment.

Professional Certification Renewal Process

 Employees currently employed with MCPS must apply for renewal through the MCPS Employment Services Division.  Click the link below “Additional Information” to download/print a CG10R District Renewal Form.

All educators not currently employed with MCPS must apply for renewal online at the Bureau of Educator Certification. If in-service verification is needed, contact MCPS certification staff for electronic submission of in-service. See website link below “Additional Information”.  


 2 or less subjects require a minimum of 120 total points for renewal of both subjects to include 20 exclusive to students with disabilities.

3 or more subjects require renewal of all subjects within a 10-year period (2 consecutive validities).  Each subject requires 60 points.  Each renewal requires a minimum of 120 points to include 20 exclusive to students with disabilities.

 Note:  Endorsements do not require renewal. 


  1. Retaking and passing the subject area exam in your certified area during the validity period.
  2. A 3-semester hour course from an accredited college or university in Education or any subject area which the state offers certification.
  3. Teaching a 3-semester hour college level course may be acceptable. (Call ESD Certification for confirmation).
  4. National Board certification will renew the Florida certificate in the subject shown on the valid national certificate.

Additional Information

College Tuition and Fee Waiver For Classroom Teachers

The 2011 Florida Legislature repealed the Critical Teacher Shortage Tuition Reimbursement and Critical Teacher Scholarship Loan Forgiveness Program in the General Appropriations Act. For further information, call 888-827-2004 or visit

Florida Statutes, section 1009.21, permits full-time instructional personnel employed by the State public school system and their spouse/dependent children, to be classified as Florida residents or “temporary residents” for college tuition purposes. The institution may request documentation of employment prior to qualifying. It is recommended that you call them prior to registration to confirm what form of documentation they require.

Also, under Florida Statues, section 1009.26, Florida College System institutions and state universities may waive up to six credit hours per term for teachers employed full-time by a school district, including public charter school teachers. Qualified students may only enroll in undergraduate courses in mathematics, science or special education. All undergraduate courses with levels one through four in a discipline with an approved prefix shall be eligible for the waiver on a space-available basis. The Course Prefix Listing Approved for the Teacher Waiver may be found at Please contact your institution of choice for specific enrollment information. A list of Florida College System institutions may be found at and a list of state universities system institutions may be found at


Forms and Contact Information 

CG-10D District Application for Florida Certification - Current employee applying to add a subject or endorsement, reprint a duplicate certificate, or legal name change.
Click here to download/print

CG10-RD District Renewal Form for Florida certification - Current employee applying to renew a 5-year certificate.
Click here to download/print

DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification
(800) 445-6739

DOE- Testing Agency
(413) 256-2893 or toll-free at 1-866-613-3281
For availability of exams, registration, preparation guides, and pass/fail results

DOE- Student Financial Aid
For critical shortage area financial aid information

CF University Center
(352) 854-2322, ext. 1214

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence


420 SE Alvarez Avenue
Ocala, FL 34471

Voice 352-671-7787
FRS 800-955-8770
TTY 800-955-8771

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