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Certification Information

Contacts for Certification

Dianna Thompson, Certification Specialist
Phone: (352)671-7781

Lawanda Kiner, Assistant Certification Specialist
Phone: (352)671-7570

Sheila Gadson, Clerk Specialist
Phone: (352)671-7517

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Qualifying for Professional Certification

Instructional applicants must qualify for certification before an employment application can be activated. Certification applicants who are graduates from non-education degree programs may qualify for a 3-Year Non-Renewable Initial Temporary certificate thru one of the following three routes:

1) Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage via a course-review of credits earned at a college or university whose accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education. "Subject Requirements" may be viewed at DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification web site.

2) Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage in a Bachelor’s area by passing the subject area exam.

3) Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage thru successful completion of an approved route of alternative certification. "Certification Pathways" may be viewed at DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification web site.

Once initial certification in a subject area has been determined, click here for a complete listing of requirements for a 5-Year Renewable Initial Professional certificate.

Alternate Certification Routes

Prior to Employment:

CF Educator Preparation Institute (College of Central FL)
Phone: 352-854-2322 (ext. 1597)

Contact American Board Phone: 1-877-669-2228

After instructional employment with Marion County Public Schools:

Alternative Certification Program (ACP)

The Alternative Certification Program will meet the State's professional education college course and the Professional Education Competency requirements. ACP includes a New Teacher Training session upon employment. The ACP requires internet access capabilities. The program uses online modules and activities to demonstrate professional education competencies, in conjunction with numerous classroom observations by the support team throughout the two-year program.

Exam Information

Certification exams are available through computer-based testing. For further information or registration please click on the following link, Complete preparation guides can be downloaded at this web site.

Copies of sample study guide questions are also available in the ESD Certification office for a nominal fee.

No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)

The NCLB Act requires that all teachers be certified in the area in which they are hired to teach. Exempt areas are computer science, dance, health, PE, humanities, and vocational areas.

It further stipulates that all elementary level teachers must hold a temporary or professional certificate and must take and pass the Florida subject area exam prior to employment. Prep courses have been developed to assist applicants in becoming highly qualified (HQ).

These courses are offered free of charge for the following areas:

  • Elementary Education (K-6),
  • Exceptional Students Education (ESE),
  • English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (K-12),
  • Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum (5-9),
  • English (6-12),
  • Middle Grade English (5-9),
  • Middle Grade Math (5-9),
  • Math (6-12),
  • Middle Grade General Science (5-9),
  • Social Sciences (6-12),
  • General Knowledge and Para-Professional.

For registration information, contact the CF Educator Preparation Institute at (352) 854-2322 extension 1656.

Professional Certification Renewal Process

Employees currently employed with MCPS must apply for renewal through the MCPS Employment Services Division.  Click the link below “Additional Information” to download/print a District Renewal Form.

All educators not currently employed with MCPS must apply for renewal online at the Bureau of Educator Certification. See website link below “Additional Information”.


2 or less subjects require a minimum of 120 total points for renewal of both subjects.

3 or more subjects require renewal of all subjects within a 10-year period (2 consecutive validities).  Each subject requires 60 points.  Each renewal requires a minimum of 120 points.

Note:  Endorsements do not require renewal.


  1. Retaking and passing the subject area exam in your certified area during the validity period.
  2. A 3-semester hour course from an accredited college or university in Education or any subject area which the state offers certification.
  3. Teaching a 3-semester hour college level course may be acceptable.  Call ESD Certification for confirmation).
  4. National Board certification will renew the Florida certificate in the subject shown on the valid national certificate. 

Additional Information  

Educator Certification District Application - Current employee applying to add a subject or endorsement, reprint a duplicate certificate, or legal name change.
Click here to download/print

Educator Certification District Renewal Form - Current employee applying to renew a 5-year certificate.
Click here to download/print

DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification
(800) 445-6739

DOE- Testing Agency
(413) 256-2893 or toll-free at 1-866-613-3281
For availability of exams, registration, preparation guides, and pass/fail results

DOE- Student Financial Aid
For critical shortage area financial aid information

CF University Center
(352) 854-2322, ext. 1214

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence


420 SE Alvarez Avenue
Ocala, FL 34471

Voice 352-671-7787
FRS 800-955-8770
TTY 800-955-8771

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