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Fifth Grade | Enrichment and PE | ESE Teachers

 Mrs. Jennifer Seamans  website  email

 Mrs. Sarah Cairns  website  email
 Ms. Sherra Griffis  website  email
 Ms. Laura Paiz  website  email
 Ms. Nalda Roberts  website  email
 Mrs. Karen Steinman  website  email

First Grade
 Mrs. Samantha Bennett  website  email
 Ms. Lindsey Bigelow  website  email
 Mrs. Sommer Fugate  website  email
 Ms. Marilyn Monroe  website  email
 Mrs. Kimberly Selig  website  email
 Mrs. Emily Vey  website  email

Second Grade
 Mrs. Debra Davis  website  email
 Ms. Carolyn Hardy  website  email
 Mrs. Kimberly Jones  website  email
 Mr. Kevin Tindall  website  email
 Mrs. Pam Weeman  website  email

Third Grade
 Ms. Henrietta Baxter  website  email
 Mrs. Sonia Caro  website  email
 Mrs. Wendy Earnest  website  email
 Mr. Andrew McGuire  website  email
 Ms. Laurie Pryor  website  email

Fourth Grade
 Mrs. Amy Gardner  website  email
 Mr. Russell Kurland  website  email
 Mrs. Daureen Meadows  website  email
 Mrs. Deborah Richards  website  email

Fifth Grade
 Ms. Marybeth Gokee  website  email
 Mrs. Cristy Hamblen  website  email
 Mrs. Barbara Karr  website  email
 Mrs. Cari Lamperski  website  email
 Ms. Rachel Williams  website  email

Enrichment and Physical Education Teachers
 Physical Education
 Ms. Jeanne Baumel  website  email
 Ms. Sondra Collins  website  email
 Mrs. Deborah Rosetti  website  email

Exceptional Student Education Teachers
 ESE Self-Contained  Mrs. Arlene Biggers  website  email
 ESE Self-Contained  Mrs. Vickie Conrad  website  email
 Varying Exceptionalities  Ms. Sandra Gaw  website  email
 ESE Pre-Kindergarten  Ms. Amy Greene  website  email
 EBD Self-Contained  Ms. Marie Howe  website  email
 Varying Exceptionalities  Mrs. Nallas Lawson  website  email
 ESE Pre-Kindergarten  Mrs. Sarah McQuary  website  email
 Varying Exceptionalities  Ms. Suzanne Platt  website  email