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At Fessenden Elementary we will develop self-monitoring thinkers who can approach problems through consistent and pervasive practices.

Grade level supply lists



Pre K  

4 Packs of play dough 

1 Pack of dry erase markers 

Wooden clothes pins

Large paper plates (not foam) (Boys)

Small paper plates (Girls)

Quart size storage bags 


Pre-sharpened pencils

Magic markers

Colored pencils

Erasers (pink gum)

Liquid glue (4 oz.)

Glue sticks


3 Plastic pocket folders (with prongs); plain, no designs---Green, Yellow, and Red

Copy paper (1 ream)

Dry erasemarkers

Cleaningwipes (Clorox not allowed)

Baby wipes

Hand sanitizer


Storage bags (1 gal) - Girls

Storage bags (1 qt.) - Boys

Cleaning wipes

2-3 Boxes of tissues

1 Can of shaving cream

2 Duo-tang folders with pockets   

1st grade  

Backpack (no wheels)

3 Black & white composition books

2 Boxes sharpened standard #2 pencils (24 count)

2 Boxes crayons (1-24 count and 1-8 count)

2 Duotang folders with pockets

2 Packages cap erasers

2 Boxes of tissues

2 Highlighters

2 Reams of white copy paper

1 Pack of dry erase markers

2 Packages of glue sticks

1 Pack of baby wipes

1 Package 3 x 5 lined notecards

1 Box of band-aids

Girls: 2 pack of gallon sized storage bags

Boys: 2 pack of quart storage bags

$8.00 to buy a School Shirt to use for all school activities 

2nd Grade  

4 Boxes of pencils

2 Packs of cap erasers

3 Glue sticks

3 Packages of wide ruled notebook paper

4 Dry erase markers

2 Highlighters

Pencil case

1 Package of 24 crayons

1 Box of colored pencils

1 Three ring binder with a package of 8 dividers

3 Spiral notebooks

1 Composition book

2 Packages of plain white copy paper

1 Box of tissues

1 Package of wet wipes

1 Bottle of hand sanitizer

1 Roll of paper towels

Please pick ONE of the following

1 Package of plastic storage bags (pint, quart or gallon) 

3rd Grade

3 Packs of 24 Pencils

1 Pencil pouch

4 Packs of glue sticks

5 Packages of notebook paper wide-ruled

3 Duotang folders with pockets (plain colored)

Cap erasers

Colored pencils (24 pack)

1 Package of highlighters

2 Package of dry erase markers

3 Boxes of tissues

Hand sanitizer

Cleaning wipes

4 Composition notebooks

1 Heavy duty (1 ½ inch) 3 ring binder (with inside pockets)

Dividers (5 pack) 

4th Grade

4 Spiral notebooks *

4 Boxes of tissues *

5 Packs of wide ruled paper *

4 Pocket folders with prongs *

5 Packs of 24 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)*

2 Highlighters

3 Glue sticks

1 Pack of cap erasers

1 Pack of big erasers

1 Pack of colored pencils

1 Pack of dry erase markers


5th Grade

5 Packs of 24 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)*

4 Composition notebooks*

2 Packs of notebook paper*

3 Glue sticks*

3 Boxes of tissues*

1 Pack of cap erasers

1 Pack of pink erasers*

1 Pack of dry erase markers


Would you like to have access to your child's grades, attendance, and FCAT testing records 24/7?   You no longer have to wait for  report cards to check your child’s grades!  Register for the parent portal now.   It's quick and easy to do.  All you have to do is register once and you can follow your child's grades through graduation.  All you need is a valid photo ID and a few minutes to wait!    Ms. Jones, our school receptionist, will provide you an account number and PIN (personal identification number).    


We are pleased to announce Ms. Grace Daley, kindergarten teacher, is our Fessenden Teacher of the Year and was named a "Golden Apple Teacher of the Year" for Marion County!  In addition, Mrs. Courtney Lopez, 1st grade teacher, is our Rookie Teacher of the Year!  Congratulations to you both!!

Congratulations to Mrs. Fales!  Mrs. Fales is our "Support Staff Employee of the Year!"  Way to go Mrs. Fales!

  Check-Out Policies

All parents must check-out students at the main office and students will be escorted to the main office for check-out.   No students will be checked out of school after 1:00 pm.This is to ensure we can have orderly dismissals.

The primary building exterior doors as well as other exterior doors will be locked at the beginning of the school day.  All students who are tardy must come to the main office through the front doors of the main building. 




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Student's School Day -- 7:45 AM - 3:05 PM
Breakfast Served -- 7:20 AM - 7:35 AM
School Store (M-F) -- 7:35 AM - 7:45 AM
Teacher Day -- 7:15 AM - 4:00 PM
Early Release Time -- 12:05 PM
School Office Hours -- 7:15 AM - 3:00 PM
Breakfast: Free
Lunch: Free