Enrichment Resources

AR - Accelerated Reader ("Renaissance Home Connect")

"Renaissance Home Connect" allows you to:
• See your child's progress with AR - Accelerated Reader by viewing the scores for the tests your child has taken on the computer.
• Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results.
• Click Help to get answers to your questions about Renaissance Home Connect.
User name: Student ID --(Enter your child's student ID which is the "lunch number")
Password: Student's Date of Birth—(Enter: 2 digit month and 4 digit year)

AR Book FInder

• See whether a book from home or the public library is an "AR book."
• Search all of the AR books by title, author, subject, or reading level.

Where can I find AR books?
Marion County School Library Book Search
Public Library Book Search

Cool Science
Cool Science for Curious Kids

Living things from leaves to allergies to butterflies, this is the science lover's favorite site. There is also a science suggestion page for parents. Sponsored by Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

FCAT Explorer
and FCAT Test Item Specifications for online practice.

The Florida Department of Education has a web site, entitled, FCAT Explorer to provide students with resources to help prepare for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).

Log on information: Username is LAST NAME plus FIRST INITIAL
Password is 42 plus FIRST 4 LETTERS OF LAST NAME plus BIRTHDAY in mmdd format
EX: Johnny Adams March 10, 1996 would sign on like this:
username: ADAMSJ with password: 42adam0310.

If you have difficulty logging in or have questions about the program, do not hesitate to contact the Media Specialist.

Gale Databases
Gale Databases

Gale Databases offer an engaging online experience for information on a broad range of topics, such as global issues, opposing viewpoints, science, literature, history, and titles for suggested reading.

Harcourt Science
Harcourt Science Study Site

Harcourt Science is our county's adopted textbook, so go into your grade level and have some fun with science.

Glencoe Mathematics

Support for algebra and geometry can be found here.

Go Math! Florida
Go Math! Florida

Marion County purchased new math textbooks this year that include FREE online resources for students and parents. Students have resources to help them at home in the "Library" section, and activities that may be completed in the "Things To Do" section.
After going to the web site, a log-in screen will appear where you use the "pull-down menu" or enter the following information:
State: Florida
District: Marion Co. School District
School: Choose this school
User name: Student ID --(Enter your child's student ID which is the "lunch number")
Password: Student's Date of Birth—(Enter: 2 digit month and 4 digit year)

MCPS Destiny
MCPS Destiny

Your school library is online. Check out which books are available.

Explore the universe and be inspired.

Science Buddies

The Science Fair Project Guide offers step by step information on how to do a science fair project, including examples and a self evaluation tool at the end of each step.

Smithsonian Education
Smithsonian Education

A place for kids to explore, discover, and learn -- sponsored by the Smithsonian Museums

Vmath Live

Marion County Schools is paying for students to have the opportunity to utilize V-MathLive online. Students are given the opportunity to create a "Mathlete," play games, and complete activities while most importantly practicing math concepts. Students enjoy competing against students internationally and seeing how many points can be accumulated.
Username: student's ID#
Password: student's ID#