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Welcome to Marion Technical Institute!

MTI prepares students for success
in college and in life!

Students will receive a high school diploma while also having the opportunity to earn impressive national certifications, scholarship money and college credits through Gold Seal programs. Working closely with Business Advisory Councils composed of local industry leaders, students will participate in work-based learning experiences and “hands-on” training activities while attending MTI.

MTI was recently named one of the best high schools in the nation.  Check out this article from US News and World Report.

Why should you choose a technical high school vs. a typical high school?  The information you might need to help you make this life-changing decision may be found in this video regarding job availability and salaries.  High school sophomores can finish their high school programs with career and college focused offerings at MTI. Don't wait and be lost in the shuffle - now is the time to apply for the 2013-2014 school year. MTI offers academic and vocational programs for juniors and seniors in high school.  Enrolling at MTI promises students' engagement, challenge and achievement. MTI offers an environment that is unique and innovative in Marion County and Florida! Want to visit campus? Just call 671-4765 for a personalized tour of the school! This is your chance to make a new choice...remember your future starts TODAY!  Fill out your application today.

GET THE LATEST INFO via the MTI monthly newsletter - special event information, calendar of activities, and other up-dates about MTI programs!  Check out our student-centered website at

Celebrating our Students

  • Congratulations to Culinary Junior Andrew Lyles for his Big Springs Regional Science Fair efforts.  Andrew placed 4th and received the Yale Science and Engineering Award.
  • The SkillsUSA Regional Competition results are in!  Building Sciences students Daniel Harvey and Cheyenne Walters placed 1st and 3rd respectively in the Carpentry  Competition.  Senior Nathan Wagner palced 3rd in the Electrical Competition.  Automotive student Jonathan Berecz placed 3rd in Diesel Mechanics. 

Parents:  Please take the the time to complete the following parent survey.  Your feedback is extremely valuable.

Click here for the English Version of Parent Survey

Click here for the Spanish Version of Parent Survey

What a great and exciting time of year!  Be sure to stay connected with your base school for upcoming activities and events by logging on to their websites or viewing the bulletin board located in Student Services! 

The 2014 Graduation is just around the corner for many of our students.  Below is a listing of all of the Graduation and Baccalaureate Dates for the surrounding schools.  MTI students are able to participate in the MTI Celebration as well as their base school events.  See someone in Student Services if you have additional questions.

2014 Graduation & Baccalaureate Dates

Belleview High         Saturday, June 7, 8AM              BHS Stadium

Baccalaureate          Thursday, June 5, 7PM             First Baptist Church of Belleview

CTAE                          Thursday, June 12, 7PM           Brown Greaton Cole Auditorium (MTI)

Dunnellon High        Thursday, June 5, 7PM              DHS Tiger Stadium

Baccalaureate          Tuesday, June 3, 7PM                1st United Meth.                                                

Forest High                Saturday, June 7, 8AM               Livestock Pavilion

Baccalaureate           Tuesday, June 3, 7PM               Church of Hope

Lake Weir High          Wednesday, June 4, 7PM          LWHS Stadium

Baccalaureate           Monday, June 2, 6PM                  Wings of Faith Church 

Marion Technical Senior Celebration 

                                    Thursday, May 29, 6PM               Brown Greaton Cole Auditorium (MTI)

North Marion High   Thursday, June 5, 7PM                Livestock Pavilion

Baccalaureate           Sunday, June 1, 6PM                  North Marion High

Vanguard High         Friday, June 6, 7PM                      Livestock Pavilion

Baccalaureate          Thursday, June 5, 7PM                First Baptist, Ocala                                        

West Port High         Thursday June 5, 6PM                 WPHS Stadium

Baccalaureate          Sunday, June1, 3PM                     WPHS Performing Arts Center



MTI address

The MTI Curriculum Guide

Guidance Services

Upcoming Events

 4/22/14 - 4/23/14

Student ASE Certification Testing (Automotive Acad)


Law Academy Advisory Meeting

 4/27/14 - 4/30/14

SkillsUSA State Competition


US History EOC


Senior Project Presentations


Junior Class Meeting

1:00 - 2:00


Algebra I EOC Retakes


Building Sciences Advisory Meeting

Important Information

 The typical school day runs from 7:45 am - 4:15 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Breakfast is served from 7:15 am - 7:35 am.  Lunch is from 12:11 - 12:54. 

Base School Activities:  Students are encouraged to attend base school functions; however there is a process.  Always start by seeing someone in Student Services for an approval form before purchasing tickets or attending any events.


Students have been given a fantastic opportunity to have access to 25 gig of collaborative storage space and school email accounts. You can log into Live@edu to access your account. Go there NOW!

Students can email their peers and teachers and also share their files that they can access from any computer with an internet connection.

On-Campus Wireless Laptop Access

Students may now bring their laptops on campus and make use of the wireless network here at Marion Technical Institute. This is a great opportunity to learn how to use a laptop as a learning tool in preparation for attending college or obtaining a job.

Please be aware that MTI & Marion County Schools will not repair, service or troubleshoot a student electronic device. Students are responsible for the security of their laptop and should not leave it unattended or share a locker.

It is a privilege, not a right to use your laptop on campus. A violation of County and School rules will be dealt with based on the guidelines in the Student Code of Conduct.

Click here to view the District Improvement and Assistance Plan

Read more about Student Technology at MTI.