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Teacher instruction at NHJ Vision Statement

Dr. N. H. Jones, where every child will achieve academic excellence.

Mission Statement

In an innovative environment, students will excel in basic academics with enhanced learning in math, science, technology, and media production.

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Biography of Dr. Jones

Dr. Nathaniel Hawthorne Jones: Nathaniel Hawthorne Jones was born in Live Oak in 1897, the son of William and Mellie Mattor Jones.  He graduated from Florida Memorial College (now Florida Memorial University), Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and in 1926 he earned his medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee.  Two years later, he began practicing medicine in Ocala, Florida, where he opened his practice on W. Broadway Street.

Dr. Jones was the first Black doctor to become a staff physician at Munroe Memorial Hospital.  He was the good friend of Herbert S. Coleman Sr., a teacher and principal for Marion County Public Schools from 1940 to 1975.  Jones was a much beloved member of the community and was sadly killed during a home invasion.  Dr. N. H. Jones Elementary is named in honor of his memory.

School Profile and History

Dr. N. H. Jones was originally opened in 1960 as a neighborhood school, NH Jones Upper Elementary. It partnered with College Park Elementary School by housing grades third through fifth while College Park housed grades kindergarten through second. In 1994 the school board created Dr. N. H. Jones to a magnet school focusing on mathematics, science and technology. Mrs. Lynn Glanzer was hired as principal to open the magnet school. After spending countless hours visiting schools and the neighbors, the doors opened with about 425 students. Mrs. Glazer was the principal for about three years until she was asked to open Saddlewood Elementary School. Mrs. Rebecca Gerald was hired to replace her and served as principal for two years. From July 2001 to June 2012  Mr. George D. Raymond was the principal. Our current principal is Mrs. Cheryl Laffey.

The magnet school was fitted with five student computers for every classroom.  Teachers use the technology as a regular part of their daily instruction. Students utilize technology to develop Power Point presentations, to do written documents, to do research and reports, as well as to develop media productions. A science lab was developed to be part of the weekly instruction that students receive. Students go to the lab to learn about and to utilize the scientific method to learn about their world. Students learn to work cooperatively in an inquiry approach to science. A computer lab was outfitted to teach students how to utilize the many programs available at the school. This approach has been changing; the lab is now used to support what is going on in the classroom with students learning to use computers to complete projects assigned by the homeroom teacher.

Since its opening the population has grown to about 745 students in grades kindergarten - fifth grade. Two new classroom buildings have been added as well as a new cafeteria and stage. A self-contained program for highly gifted children has been added and expanded to two classrooms. Students need to be highly motivated, have a full scale IQ of 140 or above, have stainine scores of 7-9 and no grades below a C. Students in grades 2-5 may be considered for this program.

Media production has become a mainstay of the school with students usually taking the majority of the county elementary school awards, usually a dozen state awards and 1 - 5 international awards. Students at all grade levels take part in the media production program.  Dr. N. H. Jones was named an Apple Distinguished school for the 2011 school year and again in 2012.  We were one of 29 schools named nationally for this honor.  The award was a new program started in 2011.

Dr. N. H. Jones has maintained a grade of "A" for the past ten years and has made AYP every year. Dr. N. H. Jones was named as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2005, one of only 13 in the state of FLorida and the only school in Marion COunty to ever receive this honor.  We were also named a Blue Ribbon School in 2011, the only public school in the state of FLorida.  School can not be named a Blue Ribbon School for five years after receiving the honor so this was like winning back to back awards.


The student population will consist of 65% majority, (white) students and 35% minority students.  Minority students will be chosen according to the following procedures:

Kindergarten Acceptance

All kindergarten students take a readiness exam which determines readiness to start kindergarten.  A behavior observation is made at the same time the screening takes place.  Points are given for the behavior observation as well as for each correct response on the screening.  Students are rank ordered from high to low according to points earned.

Students are then accepted as follows:

Order of Acceptance of Qualified Minority Students:

First priority: Kindergarten students in the walk-in area are automatically accepted with acceptable proof of address as long as there are minority openings available.  We register kindergarten students in March and April and maintain one opening for each kindergarten classroom for area students from registration until July first at which time we fill the openings from minority students on the waiting list. Students applying after classes are full are placed on a high priority waiting list.

Second Priority: Kindergarten students that are siblings of students already enrolled at Dr. N. H. Jones are given an additional five points to be used in the calculation of the final point count.

Third Priority: all other minority students


Order of Acceptance of Qualified Majority Students:

First priority: Siblings that have a score above the cut off score

Second Priority are all other students with a score above the cut off score.

Criteria for acceptance for students in grades 1 and 2

Test Score: --
Grades: E's and S's with no grades of N or U's
Discipline: No N's or U's
Attendance: Good attendance with minimal tardies

Criteria for acceptance for students in grades 3 - 5

Test Scores: FCAT 7, 8, 9 stanines or Levels 3, 4, and 5 with priority given to level 4 and 5
Grades: A/B average with no grades of D or F
Discipline: No N’s or U’s
Attendance: Good attendance with minimal tardies

Procedure of Acceptance

Students that qualify are ranked from high to low using a rubric, see attached.  Students are then chosen according to need for minority or majority students in the order of ranking.  When two students are equal then the date of the application is used as the deciding factor

The first step is to fill out an application form:

•    Registration forms may be obtained in the front office at Dr. N. H. Jones.  The forms are color coded and are not available on line. Fill out an application, available in the front office and turn it in. 
•    For kindergarten we accept applications up to one year prior to the eligible enrollment date. 
•    Turn in a copy of the most recent report card, any letters of recommendation, and the most recent test results.
•    We enroll 35% minority, accepting qualifying neighborhood students first and then others, and 65% majority students.
•    We utilize a rubric to identify the students that are accepted.  Those students that meet the criteria are placed on a waiting list to be considered for any openings that occur.  Students are rank ordered according to the rubric score and date of application.
•    For kindergarten, we accept all neighborhood children that apply, up to 35% of our kindergarten enrollment.  We close enrollment a week prior to the start of school or when we reach our capacity.  Typically we screen the first 200 students that apply for kindergarten.  We screen and accept all neighborhood children until such time as our classes are full.  We hold one slot for each kindergarten until two weeks before school starts.

Business Partners 

AJAX Construction - general business partner

Dr. S. Gummadi M.D. F.A.C.C. - business partner for gifted

Contact Information

The school numbers are as follows:

  • Main number 671-7260
  • Guidance 671-7261
  • Cafeteria 671-6991
  • Fax 671-7266
  • Extended day 671-6990 (K-2)
  • Extended day 671-4149 (3-5)
  • School Board 671-7700
  • Transportation 671-4945
  • Abuse Hotline 1-800-342-8152
  • Save-A-Friend Hotline 1-877-7FRIEND

School Colors and Mascot

Dr. N. H. Jones' school colors are gold and blue.

Our mascot is the panther.

Panther Logo

Map and Driving Directions

1900 SW 5th Street, Ocala, Florida 34471 USA
Voice: (352) 671-7260 | FRS 800-955-8770 | TTY 800-955-8771