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The faculty and staff of North Marion Middle School are committed to providing our students with quality educational experiences, integrating curriculum content with real world experiences. All students are provided opportunities to achieve and reach their full potential through rigorous instruction, relevant curriculum, and relationships with staff.

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Mrs. Tara Willis


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Mr. Ronald Jones



The Power of Mentoring

Would you like to make a profound difference in someone’s life? Would you like someone to make a difference in yours?

If your answer is yes, the way to do this is mentoring. A mentor can have a lifelong impact on someone’s life. A role model, teacher, and guide can make all the difference in how his or her protégé handles life’s trials and tribulations.

Living life well and making the right choices is never easy. For most of us, life is a struggle as we choose between good and evil; self-indulgence and transcendence; and being lazy and committed to our passions, others, and ourselves.

A good mentor understands the immense value of having someone to believe in us. This belief helps us gain the confidence and rise to meet any challenge. Find someone who believes in you, and your possibilities are limitless. “Absolutely impossible.” How often do we hear these discouraging words? Who would have believed humans could fly before the airplane was built? Who would have thought humans could walk on the moon? Yet we did. How can the seemingly irrational drive to overcome any challenge be explained? How are doctors convinced they can ultimately conquer illness? To achieve anything in this world, we must believe in ourselves. Yet a constant assault of negative forces bombards us about our limitations and feeds our insecurities and fears.

We must resist these forces every day. Whether we will achieve our dreams depends on how much we believe in ourselves and how much we believe in our possibilities.

When things seem impossible, remember that you are within reach of achieving virtually anything you set your mind to. This is the most important lesson and gift any mentor can bestow.

Mentoring at North Marion Middle

We are off to a great start with mentoring at North Marion Middle. We are currently mentoring 55 students! Volunteers are needed at NMMS to serve as mentors and tutors. Tutors and mentors assist students in preparation for FCAT, in developing reading skills, building self esteem and researching topics in the Media Center.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a mentor, please contact Mr. Kerley at 671-6035. Thanks for all of your support. It really makes a difference!