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Kindergarten | First Grade | Second Grade | Third Grade | Fourth Grade | Fifth Grade
Enrichment and PE | ESE Teachers

 Mrs. Paula Cannon  website  email
 Ms. Willinda Garis  website  email
 Mrs. Lauren Jones  website  email
 Mrs. Stephanie Neu  website  email
 Ms. Michelle Wetz  website  email

First Grade
 Mrs. Amy Cooksey  website  email
 Mrs. Kara Crawford  website  email
 Mrs. Laura Hawkins  website  email
 Mrs. Kendra Poppell  website  email
 Mrs. Amy Tedder  website  email

Second Grade
 Ms. Irene Barclay  website  email
 Mrs. Kathy Daughtery  website  email
 Mrs. Pamela Keels  website  email
 Ms. Brooke Mueller  website  email
 Ms. Jennifer Nichols  website  email
 Mrs. Kimberly Smith  website  email

Third Grade
 Mrs. Pamela Arrington  website  email
 Ms. Danielle Borth  website  email
 Mrs. Gail Chaulk  website  email
 Mrs. Janice Strange  website  email

Fourth Grade
 Ms. Trina Curry  website  email
 Mrs. Kelly Dean  website  email
 Mrs. Jessica Sams  website  email
 Ms. Taylor Woods  website  email

Fifth Grade
 Mrs. Brandi Anderson  website  email
 Mr. Doug Hoop  website  email
 Mrs. Rose Pendergraft  website  email
 Mrs. Susan Roberts  website  email

Enrichment and Physical Education Teachers
 Music Teacher
 Miss Nancy Richards  website  email
 Physical Education Teacher
 Mr. John Schaub  website  email
 Art Teacher
 Ms. Jeanne Socha  website  email

Exceptional Student Education Teachers
 Varying Exceptionalities (VE)  Mr. Timothy Goodman  website  email
 Varying Exceptionalities (VE)  Mrs. Linda Hitt  website  email
 ESE Speech Teacher  Mrs. Anne Jones  website  email
 Pre-K ESE  Mrs. Teresa Copin Perez  website  email
 Gifted Teacher  Mr. Eliasin Robles  website  email
 Varying Exceptionalities (VE)  Ms. Halah Safdar  website  email