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School History

In 1985-86, Oakcrest Elementary and South Ocala Elementary had twelve hundred (1200) students with many portables. To alleviate the crowded conditions at these two schools, Shady Hill Elementary and Ocala Springs Elementary were built.

The two new schools were the first new schools built in Marion County since 1970. There were schools built to replace existing schools damaged by fire or other mishaps, but there were not any non-existing schools established.

Shady Hill Elementary was established in August, 1986, on the campus of South Ocala with double sessions. Shady Hill was the last session so students started school late morning and got out when the sun started to go down.

Our student population was less than 500. In February, 1987, we moved into the new school. Our Charter Faculty Group still working at Shady Hill includes the following: Dana (Knight) Andrews, Susan (Roomy) Hayward, Jolene Coria, Shirley Webb, Sandy (Foster) Watt, Kathy (Decker) Gerace, and Karen (Hamed) Cox.

School Demographics

Shady Hill is located in a rural area of Ocala, Florida, thirty-five miles from Gainesville and one and one-half hours from Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. We enjoy the advantages of a small town with the activities of larger cities within easy driving distance. The Ocala National Forest covers a large portion of Marion County so there are many outdoor activities available to enjoy. The many lakes and springs provide week-end havens for a number of residents.

Shady Hill Elementary has twenty-nine regular classroom teachers, two V. E. teachers, two P. E. teachers, and one each of art, music, gifted, computer, speech, guidance and media. Our student enrollment is six hundred ninety-two.

Today, Shady Hill Elementary continues to be a great place to work and learn. Shady Hill is a school family that instills pride and enthusiasm in our students, parents and staff. Our students are eager to learn, well behaved, and fun to teach. This profile shows the good parenting our students experience at home and the sound educational techniques implemented at school.

Shady Hill continues to lead the county in many areas. Last year, Shady Hill fourth graders scoring a level 3 or above on FCAT reading were second in the county, and our fifth graders scoring a level 3 or above on FCAT math were first in the county. Our reading and math scores on the Stanford 9 Achievement Tests for all grades remain well above the state and national averages.

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5959 South Magnolia Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34471-6744, USA

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