Leadership Team

AP and Principal

Welcome to Sparr Elementary School from the Leadership Team. Below you will find contact information.

 Mrs. Patricia Hornsby  Principal  Email
 Ms. Wendy Ford  Assistant Principal  Email
 Ms. Nanette Cintron   Guidance Counselor  Email
 Mrs. Mayra Hansen   School Secretary  Email
 Ms. Jennifer Sagendorph   Dean  Email
 Mrs. Angela Stein   Reading Coach  Email

The Power of Mentoring

Would you like to make a profound difference in someone’s life? Would you like someone to make a difference in yours?

If your answer is yes, the way to do this is mentoring. A mentor can have a lifelong impact on someone’s life. A role model, teacher, and guide can make all the difference in how his or her protégé handles life’s trials and tribulations.

A good mentor understands the immense value of having someone to believe in us. This belief helps us gain the confidence and rise to meet any challenge. Find someone who believes in you, and your possibilities are limitless.

When things seem impossible, remember that you are within reach of achieving virtually anything you set your mind to. This is the most important lesson and gift any mentor can bestow.

Mentoring at Sparr Elementary

Volunteers are needed at Sparr Elementary to serve as mentors and tutors. Tutors and mentors assist students in preparation for FCAT, in developing reading skills, assisting with Accelerated Reading testing, building self-esteem and researching topics in the Media Center.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a mentor, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at the school. Thanks for all of your support. It really makes a difference!