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Pre-Kindergarten | Kindergarten | First Grade | Second Grade | Third Grade
Fourth Grade | Fifth Grade | Enrichment, PE and ESE Teachers

 Ms. Tamara Alvarado  website  email
 Ms. Annette Martin  website  email

 Ms. Krystal Dominick  website  email
 Ms. Jennifer Engasser  website  email
 Ms. Cristine Rowe  website  email
 Ms. Christina Sidell  website  email

First Grade
 Ms. Samantha Churchwell  website  email
 Ms. Rebecca Counselman  website  email
 Mrs. Hammons  website  email
 Ms. Anita Jones  website  email

Second Grade
 Mrs. Mandy Adams  website  email
 Ms. Dorothy Carranza  website  email
 Ms. Sara Decaminada  website  email
 Mr. Darren Robinson  website  email
 Ms. Stacy Tighe  website  email

Third Grade
 Ms. Terry Boutwell  website  email
 Ms. Patricia Briggs  website  email
 Ms. Ena Gordon-Powell  website  email
 Ms. Trina Powell  website  email
 Ms. Donna Wilkerson  website  email

Fourth Grade
 Ms. Kara Brady  website  email
 Ms. June Bullard  website  email
 Ms. Karen Strong  website  email

Fifth Grade
 Mrs. Kathryn Andriola  website  email
 Ms. Kristina Clark  website  email
 Ms. Deborah Rieck  website  email
 Mrs. Kristen Wilson  website  email

Enrichment, Physical Education, and Exceptional Student Education Teachers
 VE Teacher
 Ms. Drinela Armstrong  website  email
 Physical Education Teacher
 Ms. Melissa Charske  website  email
 VE Teacher
 Ms. Elizabeth DeClerk  website  email
 Music Teacher
 Ms. Alexandra Lehner-Morin  website  email
 Physical Education Teacher
 Mr. Lynn Robinson  website  email
 Art Teacher
 Ms. Deborah Walker-Tannehill  website  email
 VE Teacher
 Mr. Christopher Westrick  website  email